I just earlier saw the photos of and i was so inspired, i just had to draw her. so beautiful.

Ball point pen and bic colour markers


'Unbound Autonomy'.  Ink and digital mixed media.

I made a few colour changes to this and it’s now available as prints, phone cases, and laptop skins in my society6 shop.  Get it now with free shipping today only here.


On the edge of experience, Wanda Koop



- …What is this?

- It’s tea.

Siblings Miila and Wyn sharing tea together (they have the same mother). I wanted to try a different color palette and the outcome was much murkier than I intended. It was a nice experiment nevertheless, just like Wyn’s home brewed tea.


Dōbutsu no Mori - Festival

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Painted Yellow Dresses by Barry Stone


Hyrule Warriors is game of the year and I don’t even have a Wii U.

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